Scouting Intern aka “Scout” (remote)

You’re the pioneer on the social impact horizon. Help us spotlight the most exciting, powerful jobs out there.

About the Job

To truly define the social impact space for our users, we need to show them what it is. Not what it can be. Not what they think it is. We need to show them the diverse, exciting, eclectic world of social impact careers that go beyond volunteering at a soup kitchen. We love soup kitchens! Don’t get us wrong, but we exist to show our users that there is SO MUCH MORE.

We are looking for a Scout to be our boots on the ground--scouring the corners of the internet for the best companies and jobs in the space. You’ll work with a portfolio manager to find and profile the most impactful jobs for the most important causes. It won’t be easy, our criteria is designed to challenge companies to be their best selves. You’ll be changing lives--finding the jobs that put folks on the path to shake the earth.  

You will be expected to:

  • Curate our mega database of “companies we love”

  • Identify jobs from our list of favorite companies that meet Second Day criteria

  • Synthesize information on each job in a concrete, intelligible manner

  • Work with your portfolio manager to analyze and present insights on your portfolio

  • Expect to spend between 5 and 10 hours a week on work

What We Need

We don’t need a superhero, just someone super competent. More specifically, someone who is:

  • Well-versed in the social impact space or with a specific interest in becoming well-versed

  • Available to identify and profile 20 new jobs a month

  • Organized, independent, and driven

  • Adept at identifying the hidden gems of the internet

  • Good with deadlines

  • Available to check-in regularly (weekly or biweekly) with team

What You Deserve

One of our core values is working with purpose, in every sense. The work you do for Second Day serves us. But this is also about you. Here are some of the things that are in it for you:

  • Deep understanding of your portfolio vertical(s)

  • Resume boost (fancy title, shiny/new organization, strong future references)

  • Experience working with the core team of a burgeoning business

  • Access to social impact leadership/mentorship network

  • Opportunity to “rise through the ranks” if interested

Feel free to consider this position a trial run with Second Day. After three months, if you want to stick with us, your job description and title will be updated to reflect your renewed commitment.

If you are interested in working with us, please email with a quick note or fill out the form below:

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