Meet the Founder: Brigit Goebelbecker


In July of 2017, I had had 5 jobs in 2 years. Determined to find the perfect intersection of design, business, and social impact, I had bounced from a road safety project in East Africa to a fintech startup in Brooklyn, from a blockchain for social good project to a digital health lab. As bright and exciting as each new opportunity was, they were all matched by an underlying feeling of dread. Of panic. In “chasing the dream” I was not only frequently broke, I was constantly sizing myself up against what could have been. I could have landed one, safe job at the beginning of my senior year that would pay well and ease the transition out of college. I could have picked a company with enough prestige to yield the knowing smile from my friend’s parents instead of the barely-masked worry I became well acquainted with.

My path was messy, and there’s no way to know what the “right” path would have been. What I do know, though, is that I learned a LOT in those two years. I learned that young talent and social impact organizations have a dangerous disconnect. I learned how to identify the hidden networks of people doing incredible work. I learned the stories of game changers in the impact space from hours upon hours of coffee dates. And—most importantly—I learned I was not alone. As my peers began turning their eyes to the horizon looking for their next career, I listened to their stories of frustration, hopelessness, and panic. I learned I could share from my own experience to ease their dread, but that there were still so many people like us struggling to get started in social impact. And that if you struggle for too long, the social impact space may just lose you for good.

We founded Second Day to end the dread and the panic that so often accompany entry-level social impact careers. The world needs us to be energized and motivated. Let’s put that energy to good work.