Meet the Founder: Mariam Matin


When you grow up in an immigrant household, it’s hard to avoid being raised in a narrow view of what it means to be “successful.” Bless my parents, they have come a long way and have grown to appreciate the importance of living a more holistically fulfilling lifestyle. However, a lot of that conditioning and cultural belief in prioritizing finances above all else is hard to shed.

When Phil and Brigit approached me, I read up on the background of the problem itself. Why do young people not follow their passions? A lot of it is cultural and psychological. So many of us are caught up in fulfilling a certain box of “success” to gain parental approval, respect from your peers, live a certain lifestyle, etc. That being said, no one can deny the importance of financial security. It’s ignorant and painfully privileged to minimize that. But what comes after that?

Second Day entered my life during a prime existential, quarter-life crisis phase. I had just quit my job and was trying to figure out what I wanted out of my life next. It’s a question I still haven’t fully answered for myself. But immersing myself in the world of social impact and constantly being reminded that success can come in so many different forms has challenged me to take pause as I go through the job application process. It’s forcing me to consider my next full-time venture with a more purposeful attitude. My hope is that Second Day develops into a community of people who support one another through these personal and professional moments.