What a year.

How far we’ve come since these terrible logo sketches just a few months ago. Second Day has been live for six months, and we’ve learned a lot since then. We want to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished in a short amount of time, and thank our supporters and volunteers for helping us get there.

Logo sketches 1.png

There were many iterations of Second Day before this one (and undoubtedly there will be more in the future). However, the intent has always been to support those who feel forced to choose between doing well for themselves and good for the world. We want to do our part in creating a world in which solving society's most challenging problems is considered a prestigious and viable career path.

Turns out we were on the right track. Here are a few highlights from the last six months:

  • We built a team of 20+ all-star volunteers

  • We drove 10k unique users to the site (most of whom spend time on our job board)

  • We have discovered and vetted over 300 mission-driven organizations

  • We have collaborated with a dozen mission-driven organizations, including powerhouse Wethos to share stories on how to build a social impact career

Looking ahead to 2019, we want to build on the momentum above. Based on what we have learned, we are growing our organization to ensure that we are focused on building awareness, scaling our services to best meet the needs of job seekers, and raising funding to build out our capabilities. We also will continue to foster a good working environment for our team members, who generously give their time to Second Day despite their busy schedules.

Thank you to the developers who hacked a creative solution to make our job board possible. Thank you to the Gen Z team members who have helped guide our social presence. Thank you to the college students who put aside precious hours between class and dance practice to find jobs and email various companies. Thank you to the working professionals who helped us create a sustainable organization. Thank you to the bleary but starry-eyed team members who took 7 am calls.

And thank you to all of you for your support in this venture. A brighter future is ahead of us, and we are glad to play a small role in that.

Cheers to a big year ahead for Second Day!

Brigit, Phil, and Mariam

Second Day