Introducing: Second Day x Wethos


By Mariam Matin

Second Day is very proud to announce a collaboration with our friends at Wethos! is a platform enabling freelancers to collaborate around more meaningful work by forming teams with professionals in complimentary skill sets, to tackle large projects at some of the biggest nonprofit organizations.

The social impact space is doing some of the most important and innovative work out there; work that can shape our society for years to come. However, it’s no secret that they don’t get the recognition or resources they deserve, particularly when it comes to talent. This problem is the core of a complex tangle of problems that face both nonprofits and social impact businesses and is what inspired the inception of both Second Day and Wethos.

Both organizations are committed to pushing against the status quo of what it means to build a mission-driven career, and what it’s like to work at an impact-oriented organizations. We are partners in this fight, so cross-collaboration and thought leadership was a natural step in continuing to support our shared efforts.

In this series, you’ll hear from co-founders of both organizations and their perspectives on “how we got here” and where we go from here. You’ll read about the individual journeys of freelancers, and how to grow yourself personally and professionally. Finally, you’ll learn about how you can leverage both Second Day and Wethos to launch a career that inspires you and drives social change that society today desperately needs.

Shout-out to:

  • Nora Rosati of Second Day

  • Alexis Nunez of Wethos

  • Basma Humadi of Second Day

  • Jay Li of Second Day

  • Rachel Renock of Wethos

  • Phil Dearing of Second Day

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Mariam Matin