Our APproach

The Second Day Impact Fellowship

The Second Day team spent over a year testing and iterating different interventions to mobilize top talent into the social impact space. We’ve interviewed hundreds of users and studied dozens of talent organizations across the nonprofit and for-profit world to understand what works and what doesn’t. Using that information, we’ve built the Second Day Impact Fellowship.

The Second Day Impact Fellowship is a program designed for college seniors that are serious about changing how we approach social challenges. Fellows apply in the Fall, and a cohort is accepted by October on each of our partner campuses. Each cohort meets weekly from November to May and covers a program that prepares the Fellows for roles at top nonprofits and social enterprises. The program focuses on four key-elements:

  1. Discernment: The program invests heavily in helping fellows understand what a career in social impact looks like. Fellows are guided through exploring which causes they are passionate about, what career pathways are available, and best practices for advancing to leadership positions. It also focuses heavily on self-reflection and discerning the right path forward that fits each person’s unique needs, strengths, and desires.

  2. Community: Applying for and working in social impact can feel deeply isolating and frustrating. Second Day invests heavily in Fellows getting to know each other and making connections with mentors in the social impact space. This community will continue to serve Fellows well after graduation.

  3. Skill building: Rather than trying to transform every nonprofit and social enterprise, we aim to equip Fellows with the skills and attitudes necessary to thrive in a less structured environment. These include hard skills like financial modeling and fundraising along with soft skills like upward management and personal productivity.

  4. Job Support: The final element of the Fellowship is support for Fellows to secure full-time jobs at nonprofits or social enterprises. We provide connections with our employer partners, guides for navigating different fields, and support for applying successfully. The intended outcome of this process is for every graduating Fellow to build a robust network, develop knowledge of the industry, and secure a job that sets them up for a successful career.

In its first year, the Second Day Impact Fellowship is expected to serve approximately 30-40 fellows across our partner campuses: Georgetown, Harvard, Rice, and UT Austin. The program will then expand significantly from there, both to operate on other campuses and to reach young professionals that are interested in transitioning into nonprofits or social enterprises. These elements are designed to provide a compelling proposition to mobilize the best minds to work on the problems that matter.