Refine your resume

Time to make sure your resume is at its finest! Here we’ll include some layout inspiration and ideas about action verbs, how to phrase accomplishments, include numbers, and add your own voice:

Below are some general thoughts and rhetorical questions to consider, written by Ron Bloch, a certified recruiter expert for LinkedIn and friend of Second Day.

  • Resumes are like works of art.  Everyone has an opinion.

    • So, take in the suggestions, including mine, and personalize for yourself.  Is every word yours so you can explain?

  • The purpose of your resume is to generate interest to get an interview.

    • Does your resume sell you or is it more like a backwards obituary?

  • An employer hires because s/he has problems to solve.

    • How does your resume show you are a problem solver?

  • Does your resume market your relevant experience and skills to what the company/organization needs?

  • Do you show the value of your Peace Corps (or Other) experience:  

    • What you accomplished and what you learned?

    • Can you express your marketable and transferable skills?

  • Have you eliminated what is not relevant?

    • Or are you trying to tell everything you have done?

  • Does your resume read like a job description?

    • Do you show what you did with those responsibilities?  Does it bring out what you accomplished and how you measure those accomplishments?

  • Have you looked at your resume objectively and from the hiring manager's perspective?

  • Have you used Spell and Grammar check?

    • No one can really proof-read their own resume.  Have you asked others to proof-read and been open to their opinions; thus, also enrolling them in your job search?  It's all about networking.

  • Is your profile on LinkedIn consistent with your resume?

    • On your LinkedIn profile, have you included your email address and a link to your resume?

    • Are you using a professional looking photo?

Check out these resources for more resume pointers and inspirations:

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