Senior Associate, Graphic Design

Cause: Health, Other

Location: Boston, MA

Role: Graphic Design

About MASS Design Group

MASS Design Group creates well-built environments using appropriate design, local investment, and innovation to break the cycle of poverty. We collaborate with governments, NGOs, private sector firms, and health care experts to advocate for the most underserved and provide scalable models of community-based development and training. MASS Design Group has shown that innovation, driven by interdisciplinary research and immersion in the field, can deliver well-built environments that are efficient, effective, and empowering.

About the Job

MASS Design Group is seeking an experienced full-time Graphic Designer to join our growing team. This multifaceted designer will lead our team in managing and elevating our brand identity and developing compelling digital and print collateral to support the organization's projects as well as advocacy efforts. We expect this individual to lead graphic design strategy by providing new solutions and create new content for projects, exhibitions, publications, and broader communications.

Experience: 5+

Salary: NA