Digital Engagement Manager

Cause: Environment

Location: Bay Area (Oakland)

Role: Digital Engagement and Outreach

About Vote Solar

America’s energy problems — from economic crisis to global climate change — will only be solved by a national transition to renewables. Clean, homegrown, reliable solar energy is ready to play a large part of the solution. It is the fastest growing energy source in the world, but we have still just scratched the surface of solar’s vast energy potential. In order to bring the technology to scale, we need to bring down costs. Vote Solar works to build the economies of scale necessary to bring solar into the mainstream.

We are a national nonprofit organization working to bring solar into the mainstream with grassroots action and technical expertise. We work at the state level to implement the policies and programs that build robust solar markets — and pave the way for a transition to a renewable energy economy.

About the Job

The Digital Engagement Manager will be responsible for implementing and improving Vote Solar’s digital communications programs to help us achieve our online fundraising goals and expand and diversify our grassroots advocacy capacity. You will:

  • work with the development team to manage and implement an online fundraising strategy

  • create visually compelling digital content through excellent writing, photo selection and brand implementation, with a specific focus on audience engagement

  • plan and run experiments to test new mobile tools and other innovative channels

  • and much more!

Experience: 3-5

Salary: NA