Get hired toolkit: College edition

Your comprehensive guide to finding, applying to, and landing your first social impact job.

Feeling lost in the hiring cycle? This toolkit will give you practical advice on how to navigate senior year (and the months after graduation) to steer yourself toward the social impact job you’ve been dreaming about.

Here’s how to use it: We’ve made it easy for you to either follow the full job application journey from start to finish, or you can pick and choose what topics you want to dive into. Feel free to explore this content in the way that helps you most, and reach out any time at if you have questions or feedback!

Where are the people and what do you say to them?

Where are the people and what do you say to them?


Getting started

What baseline information and resources do you have access to?

writing a cover letter

Put your passion, experience, and perspective into words.

Breaking down the job description

So you see a job that looks interesting… how do you position yourself to be the perfect candidate?

refining your resume

Be fresh and polished. Just like you.


So you’re a college senior, and your inbox is flooded with emails about recruitment events, application deadlines, and tips for preparing for a case interview. Your peers are either laying out on the lawn all day because they got an offer at the end of last summer’s internship, or rushing around putting on suits and attending as many networking events as possible. Your family and friends are asking what your plans are after graduation - it is, after all, the easiest way to start a conversation with a college senior.

But you don’t know your plans - for any vast number of reasons: you don’t want to join a huge company; you’re in love with nonprofit, public service, or social sector work; you are NOT trying to wear a suit every day; or, maybe you aren’t even sure what consulting and finance really mean anyway.

Maybe, after getting a range of experiences at college, you know you want to serve other people and make a difference in society, but you are also hoping to make a living wage and/or pay off student debt.

Maybe as you watch your classmates get absorbed into clear-cut recruiting processes,  following what everyone seems to think are the steps to success, you start to doubt your own definitions of success, service, and impact - and wonder if it wouldn’t just be easier to jump on that conveyor belt as well.

You’re not alone - surveys have shown that while 60% of “millennials” want to pursue mission-driven careers, less than 20% of graduating seniors pursue mission-driven jobs . What’s more, a recent study (literally titled “Crisis of Confidence”) found that only about 35% of graduating seniors felt confident they could succeed in the job market and their careers - and only 18% of students reported that their career center was helpful in applying for a job after graduation.

Worry not, do-gooders. We’ve been there - and that’s why we’re here now - to not only provide you with job postings, companies, and organizations that put you on track to defining your own path to success through social impact, but also to show you how to get there. We’ve got tips and tricks from those who have been through all of it already, backed up by research and corroborating opinions from serious sources (so you don’t just have to take our word for it). We’ll walk you through all the steps of applying, how to navigate the hiring cycles, how to network effectively, and even how to understand benefits packages and negotiate a salary. Read on!

Read on to “Get Started”

Read on to “Get Started”