Become an employer partner

We work with nonprofits and social enterprises that prioritize the people on their team as a key lever in unlocking impact as an organization. Given the fact that 71% of nonprofits have zero budget for recruiting, we play a valuable role in raising the profile of smaller or newer organizations that are doing tremendous work. Opportunities for employer partnership include:

  • Post a job on our internal job board: Gain interest from ambitious and diverse talent that is ready to hit the ground running. We are looking for entry-level roles starting the summer of 2020 or paid internships starting in January of 2020

  • Provide mentoring support: Host informational interviews, site visits, a ‘day in the life’ video, or other resources to raise awareness about your mission and organization

  • Support program design: Join the group of employer partners that provide input on questions of program design and recruiting to ensure that our fellowship is providing as much value to your mission as possible! 

In addition to those opportunities, we are always open to other ways to promote the great work of nonprofits or social enterprises. Please reach out to if you are interested in learning more!

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