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Employers and Job Matching

What types of employer partners do you work with?

We work with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations that are mission driven -- this means their core purpose is to tackle a critical societal challenge. They can vary in size, mission, and location. We prioritize employers that provide a fair salary, growth opportunities, and have a significant impact on the world. 

We currently focus on US-based organizations, with a particular emphasis on neglected or high-impact issue areas. To learn more about how we assess organizations and examples of employers we recommend, see our Blog and Organizations We Love.

What kind of role can I expect to have after graduation?

We view Impact Fellows as the future of social change in America. Therefore, all of the roles we promote are intended to expose you to a critical social issue and build out a skill set that would be useful on a social impact leadership team. This includes a wide range of roles based on your skill sets and interests. Common roles include: development/fundraising, marketing/communications, finance/accounting, HR, data analysis, software development, direct service, program development, or consulting/advising. 

How does the job matching process work?

Because of the nature of nonprofit hiring and the diverse mix of interests of our Impact Fellows, we don’t assign you to a specific role or organization. Instead, we will help you find the right fit through our match process. We simplify and expedite the job process, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to find the right fit. Fortunately, we only accept Impact Fellows that we are confident that we can place in compelling roles and our focus from the start is to help you find that dream job. 

In order to facilitate that process, we offer a few key tools:

  • Internal job portal: Employer partners that we have vetted will post opportunities on the internal job portal for accepted Fellows. Fellows will also create short profiles, so that interested employers can reach out. 

  • Job coaching: We want employers to understand how awesome you are and that you have the skills to thrive from day one. We’ll support you in everything from the basics of cover letters and resumes, to networking best practices, to interview prep and deciphering offer letters. 

  • Industry Advisers: We’ll connect you with leaders across the country that are working in the types of roles and fields that you are interested in so that you can learn from them and create your own network in the field. 

When can I expect to know my Impact Fellowship placement?

Nonprofits and social enterprises have a range of hiring timelines: some hire in the Fall or Winter, while many only hire 1-2 months before the role will begin (or even sooner). The exact timing will depend on the roles and organizations you are interested in, but the majority of candidates can expect to decide on their role between spring break and graduation. No matter your timing, we will be there to support you all the way through.