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Application for this year closed as of 10/1/19

The Second Day Impact Fellowship provides training and support for those seeking to take on society’s most pressing challenges. New approaches and energy are desperately needed for the intractable problems that we face, and we believe that graduating Seniors are uniquely positioned to make an impact. For those that want to make their mark on the world, we are there to support you with skill development, knowledge base, and a network that will jump-start your social impact career! If you have questions about your application or situation, please reach out to

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*If interested in bringing the Second Day Impact Fellowship to your campus, contact us here!

Program Overview

What is the Second Day Impact Fellowship? 

The Impact Fellowship is a year-long program for a cohort of mission-driven Seniors to prepare them for careers as leaders tackling society’s most pressing challenges. The program is built with six features in mind:

Industry Deep Dives

We start with the foundation. What does the social impact space look like? Who are the different players and what role do each of them play? We break down these key elements and introduce some of the common and fruitful paths to growth within the industry.


The social impact space is complex and we don’t have all of the answers. That’s why we’ve built a network of hundreds of allies across nonprofits and social enterprises that can offer insight into their work. Connections through the program can range from alumni dinners, to informational interviews, to sector insights in general. The goal is for you to get your questions answered about the social impact space and start building a network that will prove valuable to you for years to come. 


Our goal is to help Impact Fellows refine how to think about their career path. They are guided through exploring which causes they are passionate about, what career pathways are available, and best practices for advancing to leadership positions. It also focuses heavily on self-reflection and discerning the right path forward that fits each person’s unique needs, strengths, and desires.

Skill Development

Large employers offer very structured training and roles, while nonprofits and social enterprises often offer less training and more role-flexibility. While this can present challenges for young employees, it also provides a great opportunity for budding, ambitious leaders with some core skills in place to impress from day one. Our fellowship program focuses on equipping you with critical skills to handle your first role and quickly take on more responsibility. See the skills section below for more detail.

Job Hunt Support

The final element of the Fellowship is support for Fellows to secure full-time jobs at nonprofits or social enterprises. We provide connections with our employer partners, guides for navigating different fields, and support for applying successfully. The intended outcome of this process is for every graduating Fellow to build a robust network, develop knowledge of the industry, and secure a job that sets them up for a successful career. See the employers and job matching section for additional information.


After so much structure in school, it is tempting to go with a predictable, “safe” path by joining a big start-class at a well-known firm. Structure and community are critical as you take the leap into your first job, but it is possible to recreate that feeling in other ways. This is why Second Day prioritizes deep relationships with the other Impact Fellows and alumni who have been in your shoes. We’re building your support network for the rewarding journey ahead. 

What skills and knowledge can I expect out of the Second Day Impact Fellowship?

We are training the next generation of nonprofit and social enterprise CEOs. Therefore, no matter what role you start your career in, we equip all Impact Fellows with cross-cutting skill development. This includes:

  • Marketing and fundraising

  • Financial modeling and data analysis

  • Personal brand positioning and networking

  • Issue area expertise

  • Written and verbal communication

  • Personal productivity

  • Upward management and sustainability 

What are the logistics and timing of the Impact Fellowship?

Offers are extended in October with two sessions happening before winter break: one meeting in mid-November and one in early December. After winter break, Impact Fellows meet weekly for 90 minutes on a weeknight evening until a few weeks before graduation. Those meetings range from Second Day-led skill building or information sharing, to small group community building, to events with alumni or mentors. There will also be opportunities to engage with Impact Fellows from other schools as part of Second Day-wide events.

Still have questions?

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