Associate Copywriter (remote)

We are seeking a crafter of content, a wizard of words, a magician of messaging (feel free to include any of those titles in your LinkedIn title).

One of the key components of what we do is offering our users a window into the world of social impact through personal profiles, thought pieces, and other resource pieces. We are looking for curious, personable, and well-spoken communicators to help us build that content. You will be expected to:

  • Write 2 researched pieces about a specific segment of social impact

  • Write 3 profiles of social impact thought leaders

  • Write 1 piece about what you personally have learned about social impact (whether through Second Day or through your own experiences)*

  • Participate in brief weekly check-ins

  • Brainstorm occasionally with the larger team on new content

*All pieces will be spaced over a three month period. Deadlines to be agreed on by you and the editor.

What We Need

We don’t need a superhero, just someone super competent. More specifically, someone who is:

  • Good with deadlines

  • Experienced with writing (English papers, high school newspaper, bathroom stalls)

  • Comfortable with interviews

What You Deserve

One of our core values is working with purpose, in every sense. The work you do for Second Day serves us. But this is also about you. Here are some of the things that are in it for you:

  • Resume boost (fancy title, shiny/new organization, strong future references)

  • Experience working with the core team of a burgeoning business

  • Access to social impact leadership/mentorship network

  • Opportunity to “rise through the ranks” if interested

Feel free to consider this position a trial run with Second Day. You’ll have autonomy and flexibility, and if you decide to stick with us after the six agreed pieces are completed, your job description and title will be updated to reflect your renewed commitment.

If you are interested in working with us, please email with a quick note or fill out the form below:

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